Selecting The Perfect Wedding Present

Selecting The Perfect Wedding Present

Selecting The Perfect Wedding Present

With August here you might have a few more weddings to attend before the summer wedding season is out and with the age old dilemma of what to buy the bride and groom goes on. Many couples do register for gifts which does make the process a little easier but whether you have a great registry list to choose from or you are on your own, with the just some guidance from the wedding party of the bride and groom, here are some top tips on how to get the bride and groom a gift they will remember for the rest of their lives. One of the great things about getting the bride and groom a physical gift rather than money or gift certificates is that every time they use that item they will be reminded about who bought it for them, their kindness and also their beautiful wedding day, so really it is the gift the continues to give many years after their wedding day is over.

1. Crockery:

If the bride and groom have not lived together before or are looking to update their home, then they might be on the lookout for some new crockery. This is a great gift, something which they will value for many years to come. You have such a wide range of options here, from dinner plates, side plates and bowls to the more unique pieces like a cups and saucers, sugar bowls and serving platters. Unless you know the bride and grooms tastes well you might want to stick to plain designs. Whites, creams and beiges work well as they always fit in even if the kitchen color scheme is changed.

2. Kitchen Technology:

This gift will probably require you to know the bride and groom quite well, know what they already own and what they would enjoy having. Some great pieces of kitchen technology includes a Kitchenaid, a nutribullet or even a blender or food processor.

3. Bedding:

Bedding sets are another great wedding gift, but be sure you know the size of the bride and grooms bed before you purchase some. Again it is best to stick to plain colors unless you know the bride and groom’s bedroom colors and/or style. Another option is a set of throw cushions or a throw for the end of the bed.

4. Photo Frames

Undoubtedly the bride and groom will have many pictures of their big day, either from guest photos or from the official photographer, if they have one, and that makes a photo frame a great option when it comes to gifts. Select a nice, elegant photo frame which will help to make their wedding photos look great. You can also get ones especially designed for weddings, with slogans such as ‘Bride & Groom’ or ‘Wedding day’ on them, which might also be appropriate.

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