How To DIY Your Wedding

How To DIY Your Wedding

How To DIY Your Wedding

Getting married can be a busy time and organising a wedding can be a huge undertaking, but you need not worry it can be done easily when you have good plans, a good list and can also be done on a great budget too.

1. Buy off the rack

One of the best cost saving things you can do without compromising on quality is by buying your wedding dress off the rack. There is also a huge furore around doing this but you can end up with a beautiful dress at the fraction of the price. Off the rack bridal dresses are often used as samples in bridal stores and are sold at significantly reduced prices. You end up with a beautiful dress which might need only a few alterations at usually around 50% off of the cost.

2. Shop around for your bridesmaids dresses

bridesmaid dresses are notoriously one of the more expensive parts about getting married, especially if you have a large bridal party. There are a number of great bridesmaid alternatives and you definitely do not have to rely on bridal shops for your bridesmaid dresses. By looking online you will find a number of great dresses which all work well as bridesmaid dresses and again you will find them a fraction of the price.

3. Make your centerpieces and table decorations yourself

If you are a dab hand with arts and crafts and do not mind getting stuck in and getting your hands dirty then why not try your hand at making the wedding centerpieces and table decorations. Maybe you might want candles, bottles or even place cards to highlight where you guests are sitting. washi tape, glitter and ribbon are great embellishments to add to any crafts.

4. Decorate the hall/venue yourself

If you are looking for some extras to add to your venue instead of having someone dress it yourself there are a number of brilliant money saving options. bunting always looks lovely and is brilliant at more folky/vintage weddings. If you are going for that theme be sure to pick up some bunting to decorate your hall. You can also add in some twinkling lights and paperchain or paper lantern in your color theme.

5. Handmade hangers

Handmade hangers for your bridal party are all the rage but you do not have to spend a fortune to get them. Order some plain wooden hangers (exposed wood or white look the best for this) and find some transfers that say things such as ‘Bridesmaid’or ‘Maid of Honor’. If you want to you can also add on their names and the date of your wedding. These are great for hanging their dresses on while getting ready on the day of your wedding.

Image by TonnyNijkrake is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (source: Pixabay)